Protect the ones you love.

More than just a SCREEN

SombraMalla is a beautifully designed mosquito screen for any door. It allows for comfortable tropical living by opening your
home to the outdoors, allowing the sunlight in and the fresh air to circulate, while keeping out all dangerous and annoying flying
insects. SombraMalla has become an essential household product in the fight against mosquitoes living in your home. Protect
the most vulnerable members of your family from mosquito borne viruses and enjoy life in comfort and beauty.


Let us tell you about some of the benefits of SombraMalla


Allows lots of sunlight
and air flow throughout
the house for your
comfort and health.

Keep out Insects

SombraMalla guarantees
to keep out annoying
insects and mosquito
related viruses like Zika.

Pet - Friendly

SombraMalla is easy
for pets to use and
closes automatically
after passing through.

Easy to Install

Installs in minutes, using only Velcro. Each box comes with both Spanish and English instructions.

Speak to the People

Customer service is our highest priority here at Alltegra Latin America. Please contact us right away if you have any questions or issues that we can help you with.